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I find images to be a powerful storytelling medium, perhaps one of the most powerful. I am interested in using photography to shape how we perceive the world. I am particularly drawn to making photographs of people who are working to produce a better world. Whether working for a non profit, pursuing social justice, or civic organizing, I enjoy making images that capture people and communities struggling to craft a better future. (I also like diners and people taking selfies, but that is a story for a different time.)

I say making images, because I don’t think images are “shot” or “taken” as we often say, rather they are crafted. Photographers make choices about what to put in the image, what to put outside, where to point the camera, what photos to show, which to delete. I think this is the power of the photograph: to capture moments, point attention towards something, and craft a different frame for understanding the world.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania, where in addition to making photographs I am an academic who studies digital media.

Check out some of the work I have done. You can also follow me on instagram, or contact me below.

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